Episode 023 :: WWF Royal Rumble 1995 :: Sunday, January 22nd, 1995

With one foot hitting the floor after being tossed over the top rope, join the Dirty Dawg Darsie and Mr. Beverly Hills when they review the 1995 Royal Rumble!

The guys talked about the purple glove days of the Undertaker, wonder who Stephaine Wiand is, Lawler’s one-liners, the Dirty Dawg poders what the NFL name means, discussion on what the WWF Action Zone was, and of course, discussion on the Intercontinental title match – where the Dawg rated it higher than the Hills, the WWF title match – why the ref didn’t control all the run-ins, and the Rumble match – how Mother England’s heart was broke.

Episode 023 :: WWF Royal Rumble 1995 :: Sunday, January 22nd, 1995

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