Episode 018 :: WCCW ep. 54 :: Tuesday, December 28th, 1982 :: with Eric Allen and Joe Drilling from What a Maneuver

Joe Drilling and Eric Allen from What a Maneuver join the Dirty Dawg Darsie and Mr. Beverly Hills to discuss the NWA World Heavyweight Championship cage match between champion Ric Flair and challenger Kerry von Erich!

Listen to the podcast to hear who spat on the Dirty Dawg last weekend, review and opinions on WWE Survivor Series 2014, Sting, and CM Punk! There’s some discussion on the NWA title belt, some podcast placement, size of the cage over time, the Mop Test, Kerry’s connection to Noah and American Eagle, Star Wars booking and popularity, the ref attire, the production value of WCCW, the loose ropes for the title match, the Agent of Chaos, Mercer the Poet, Mercer the Awful, Ric Flair – the Frankenstin Monster, the Claw and it’s gravitational force, David Manning’s bad ref call, Mercer drives everyone nuts, and how the Dallas ladies love Kerry!

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Episode 018 :: WCCW ep. 41 :: Tuesday, December 28th, 1982 :: with Joe Drilling and Eric Allen of What a Maneuver

Episode 017 :: WCCW ep. 53 :: Monday, December 27th, 1982

Join Mr. Beverly Hills and the Dirty Dawg and they discuss episode 53 of WCCW, aired on Monday, December 27th, 1982! They discussed wrestling on holidays, Vince Russo possibly booking World Class Championship Wrestling in 1982, thoughts on the Von Erich’s on the microphone, WWE Network spoiling the matches for us, Bill Mercer and David Von Erich misleading the Dirty Dawg, the Dirty Dawg does some research, the arm pit claw vs. biting the arm pit, and how the booker books himself better than the NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Episode 017 :: WCCW ep. 53 :: Monday, December 27th, 1982

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Episode 016 :: WCCW ep. 52 :: Wednesday, December 15th, 1982

Join Mr. Beverly Hills and the Dirty Dawg as they discuss WCCW episode 52, talking Gary Hart and his awesome line during his promo, Bugsy McGraw being Bugs-like, and the Dirty Dawg bashes the WCCW production crew for making the main event match seem silly.

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WCCW ep. 52 :: Wednesday, December 15th, 1982