Episode 019 :: WCW Monday Nitro ep. 002 :: Monday, September 11th, 1995

This week on the podcast, the Dirty Dawg Darsie is joined by his older brother Dave to review the SECOND EPISODE OF WCW MONDAY NITRO from September 11th, 1995, where LEX LUGER came out of the bush leagues to challenge HULK HOGAN for the WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP~!

The Darsie Boys discussed Luger coming out of the bush leagues, the Weasel knows a good vet clinic, why Vader went AWOL, cuddle session between Alex Wright and Sabu, Bischoff and Mongo’s bad calling, Flair promoting the main event, VK Wallstreet’s name change, calling the “Big Boys” kids, the Dungen of Doom interference blows, land shark, the Hulk Rules album by Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band, Luger as the “Second Hogan,” and Hogan as the wrestling techincian!

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Episode 019 :: WCW Monday Nitro ep. 002 :: Monday, September 11th, 1995