CM Punk Won’t Wrestle Again

CM Punk Won’t Wrestle Again

By Eric Darsie

Week after week it seems like the discussion of “Will CM Punk come back to the WWE?” isn’t as much as the prior week. Between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, everyone online seemed to fantasy book how CM Punk would return at WrestleMania and shake things up (since he last appeared in the Rumble match). When WrestleMania XXX came-and-gone and Punk didn’t do a run-in during the show, I feel like the discussion pretty much crashed and burned about Punk coming back to professional wrestling.

CM Punk 001There’s been an article written from one of CM Punks closest friends about him, stating that “…he’s the recently retired seven-time World Champion…,” indicating to me that he has no interest on coming back with his current state of mind (the whole article can be found here). The author of that article, Natalie Slater, even appeared in the CM Punk DVD “Best in the World” that the WWE put out a few years back.

We all know that CM Punk can be moody and with how it sounds like where he’s at mentally, he won’t be back, if at all. Chris Jericho mentioned in a interview, saying that “It took a long time for me to be able to come back, and I was probably the same age as Punk is now too, so maybe he’s going through the same thing and after a few years he’ll come back.” Jericho said that it took him a couple of years to even put any professional wrestling on his television, and after he was in the spot mentally to watch again, he slowly started to gain the passion to come back, and if Punk is in the same spot as he was, Jericho could see Punk coming back after a few years out of the industry (the interview can be read here if you’re interested).

I can relate to all the CM Punk fans, I am a huge Jericholic and was down for a few weeks after Jericho was written off after SummerSlam 2005. The difference between the two is Jericho finished off his contract and Punk walked off. Still, I fully understand where you guys are coming from. Before he left, I was getting more-and-more behind Punk, but he wasn’t anywhere close to being my favorite like Y2J was when he left in 2005.

So, my opinion about Punk coming back? I don’t think he’ll ever come back. He distanced himself from the business in the last four months, enough that he finally started to tweet again about a week ago (his last tween was on January 27th and his first tweet back was on May 18th). Yes, he’s active again on Twitter but everything he tweeted about was in regards to hockey. No explanation about why he’s gone or any news on his wrestling career.

Only Punk, Triple H, and Vince McMahon know what’s going on with CM Punk and his wrestling career (at least in the WWE). Since he made most fame in the WWE and made a great living up there, I can’t see Punk going to any other promotion to preform again. If McMahon tried to offer Punk everything that he request, what other promoter would be able to grant every wish Punk desires?If CM Punk’s anything like Chris Jericho, he wouldn’t want to go to any other wrestling promotion than

CM PunkWWE because of loyalty. Jericho said in numerous interviews and in his books that he dreams were to compete for Vince McMahon and since he made most fame over there and still in good graces with McMahon, he will never compete for another company. I know Punk and Jericho are there own individuals. The impression I get from Jericho, who knows Punk personally, the vibes I get are the same for Punk that Jericho has.

If you dreamed about becoming a professional wrestler and you accomplished your dreams in the biggest company, headlined their biggest event of the year and held their company title on multiple occasions, why would you go to a smaller promotion? The smaller company wouldn’t be able to secure you the same finances like the giant company could, and did. The smaller promotion isn’t as popular as the giant company, unless you want to try to build up that smaller promotion. I’m sorry but I can’t see CM Punk going back to TNA, since they seem to be a sinking hole. Could Punk go back to ROH? I see there’s a better chance of that happening than him going to TNA.

I guess to put it in a condense statement: I believe CM Punk is officially done with professional wrestling. He’s done everything he wanted to do in the industry, he saved up money that he doesn’t need to compete in the squared circle anymore, and he’s happy to be out of the industry that’s hard to get out of. Let’s watch and discuss some of his best matches and support him with whatever he decides to do. If he decides to come back, let’s welcome him with open arms. Like said, I can’t see him coming back. Thank you CM Punk for everything you’ve done and all the punishment you put your body through to entertain me.

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