Main Event Status Radio Special Cast 003 :: History of WWE Summerslam (with Wrestlespective’s Jason Mann)


Jason Mann from Wrestlespective joins Beverly Hills and the Dirty Dawg Darsie to discuss the history of WWE SummerSlam! The three dudes discuss SummerSlam for ALMOST THREE HOURS, about Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center hosting the event more than once, the Mega Powers versus the Mega Bucks, Zeus, where does blood stand in the business, the comeback of Shawn Michaels, the Randy Orton versus John Cena feud, the evolution of the Ladder match at SummerSlam, and so much more!


The show is well worth the listen, and we wanted to drop the show a week before SummerSlam to give you cats enough time to listen before this year’s SummerSlam!


Special Cast 003 :: History of WWE SummerSlam (with Wrestlespective’s Jason Mann)


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