Episode 039 :: WCW Monday Nitro ep. 41 :: Monday, June 24th, 1996

Style and profile in Horsemen Country with Mr. Beverly Hills and the Dirty Dawg Darsie and they discuss WCW Monday Nitro from June 24th, 1996!

Join the Main Event Status Radio crew as they discuss the 41th episode of WCW Nitro as they talk about Sting and Lex Luger defending the Tag Team titles against Harlem Heat and the Steiner Brothers in a triangle match, the Outsiders invade with baseball bats, Luger’s misspelling, the Dawg’s rant on the WWE Network’s edit jobs, Disco Inferno’s gold album, and so much more!

Download the podcast before Disco smashes his gold album over your head!

Episode 039 :: WCW Monday Nitro ep. 41 :: Monday, June 24th, 1996

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