Ep. 015 – WCCW ep. 51 – Friday, December 10th, 1982

Join Mr. Beverly Hills and the Dirty Dawg Darsie on this weekend’s edition of Main Event Status Radio when they discussed episode 51 of World Class Championship Wrestling from the WWE Network! They discussed Bugsy McGraw being “bugged up,” Checkmate’s mask, the Isle of Man, Magic Dragon’s wrestling attire, Ric Flair vs. Fritz von Erich’s debate, why Ric Flair was so sweaty in his debate, odd home towns of WCCW superstars, King Kong Bundy’s white boots, finishers outta nowhere, Dirty Dawg Darsie got confuted on what main event match spot he was discussing, and a new feature on the podcast – “What works and doesn’t work in pro wrestling nowadays”~!

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Ep. 15 – WCCW ep. 51 – Friday, December 10th, 1982

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